Thursday, March 29, 2012

A few loose ends and old photos (sunsets and the cow)

So I just got a bunch of old photos from Mike's camera, and want to share some. The oldest are from a full moon rising sunset night on top of the tower at the canopy walk at Myakka River State Park:

This is my favorite!

It was a nice sunset.
Here's another sunset, probably sometime in January maybe? Looking over the upper lake in the state park. 

Dried mud in the riverbed just downstream of the upper lake in the state park

And now, a few more photos of the cow! These are from the beginning and ending of the day that we butchered the cow. I tried to take a photo of it before Tim shot it, but I wasn't quick enough. That shot came quick, and the cow went down even quicker. Here it is just after. The legs kept kicking for several minutes as we cut the hide away:

 The dog, named Trouble, is Tim's (he's the one in the red shirt, who shot the cow for us.), and he LOVED lapping up the blood that congealed on the ground as it seeped out of the neck.

 Doesn't it almost look like a live cow that is buried in the ground? A little morbid, I know, but I wanted to include the photo of the head.
 Divvying up the meat: Evan took home a set of ribs, a shoulder, and a 5 gallon bucket full of meat. Mike and I took home the rest.

It was a long day, and that was only the beginning... (see my older post for processing details.)

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